Concierge Medicine Could Change Your Life for the Better

Concierge Medicine Could Change Your Life for the Better

Primary care involves yearly visits to your physician for wellness on top of any appointments you make for various mild illnesses and injuries. While getting the care you need sounds simple enough on the surface, many people struggle to find a primary care provider in their network who gives them the time and attention their health deserves. 

If you’re one of those people, it’s time to try a new approach. Concierge medicine is an increasingly popular alternative to receiving primary care through your insurance plan. The concierge model stands to give you numerous health and wellness benefits while making you more of a priority in your doctor’s eyes. 

Concierge provider and cardiology specialist Jeffrey H. Graf, MD, is very familiar with the importance of having dependable primary care. He values all of his patients and encourages them to consider a concierge membership with his private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. 

In this blog, we touch on a few of the most striking ways that concierge medicine can change your perspective on health care, and improve your life, for the better. 

Health care that isn’t in such a hurry

With your prior primary care experiences, you may have waited weeks for an appointment and then felt rushed during your visit. . Dr. Graf’s concierge members have no trouble getting a same or next day appointment, and have the opportunity to stay for an hour or longer during their visits.

As a concierge medicine practitioner, Dr. Graf has the time and resources to dedicate to finding out what’s going on with your health, educating you about your health, and providing necessary treatment. Your visits are unhurried because Dr. Graf’s practice limits the number of concierge memberships he takes, which allows him to spend more time with patients.

In contrast, many primary care doctors outside of concierge medicine have thousands of patients in their practices and can only spend so much time, often as little as 15 minutes, with patients.

With extra time during your concierge visits, Dr. Graf has a better opportunity to get to know you and your preferences. This ultimately leads to more personalized care and recommendations. 

You have more access outside the office, too

As your concierge provider, Dr. Graf makes sure he’s never too far out of your reach when you need him. Even if your health concern isn’t urgent enough to warrant a doctor’s visit, you can connect with him via email, telephone, or his cell phone directly, even in the evenings and on weekends. 

Having this additional peace of mind will help you be more confident when venturing out into the world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when you can catch a contagious illness very suddenly and may need on-demand, personalized health advice. 

Disease prevention is a top priority

While many physicians realize the importance of preventive care, few have the resources to give you the personalized help and guidance you need. Dr. Graf gets to know you well and takes the time to give you extended physical exams alongside personalized evaluations of your nutrition and fitness. 

Using the results of routine tests and your own self-reports about your lifestyle, Dr. Graf develops an individualized wellness plan for you and supports you as you follow it. If any of your health and wellness needs go beyond the scope of Dr. Graf’s expertise, he can advocate for you and coordinate your care with trustworthy specialists in the area. 

Now is a great time to give concierge medicine a chance to change your perspective on health care and on life. Schedule your appointment by calling our New York City practice today.

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