Why You Should Choose Concierge Medical Care

Why You Should Choose Concierge Medical Care

Concierge medicine offers highly individualized care to meet the specific and unique needs of each patient. With more personalized options than standard medical plans, more people are choosing concierge medical care for its many benefits and advantages. 

Cardiology specialist Jeffrey H. Graf, MD, offers a full spectrum of care through his private concierge practice in New York City to help patients live a long, healthy life. This includes the diagnosis, management, and prevention of an array of conditions. If you’re considering concierge health care, this blog post can help you learn more about the benefits.

What is concierge medical care?

Concierge medical care provides patients with individualized care options and enhanced connectivity to care for a retainer. The goal is to give patients a direct connection to their medical provider and more personalized care than a standard medical practice can offer.

Most people can relate to the frustration of waiting weeks or even months for a medical appointment. When you see your provider at a standard medical practice, many people feel that time restrictions cause their appointment to feel rushed, and they may not receive the individualized care they need.

Concierge medicine puts the power back in the patient's hands and offers the opportunity to receive highly individualized, on-demand health care on your own terms.

Physicians at standard medical practices often see a lot of patients. The average primary care doctor has about 2300 patients under their care. This places a limitation on the attention and care they can provide to each patient. 

Concierge medicine provides patient-centered care with an emphasis on forming a strong relationship between doctor and patient. Concierge medical practices are smaller and see fewer patients. This means that each patient receives high-quality care and the time and attention needed to maintain optimal health. With this unparalleled access to your provider you can take your health care to the next level. 

Benefits of concierge medicine

As a concierge medical care provider, Dr. Graf takes the time to truly get to know you and your health care needs. This involves gaining insight into your medical background and history, and understanding your baseline health and your medical conditions to help you get the best care possible.

As a concierge patient, you’ll experience less hassle when scheduling appointments and seeing Dr. Graf. A lower patient volume compared to standard medical practices means we can manage your care with your whole health and mind.

Patients who choose concierge medicine enjoy:

Dr. Graf creates a comprehensive plan to get a clear picture of your health and your needs to quickly optimize your care. 

Building a lasting doctor patient relationship

A strong relationship with your provider can directly correlate to enhanced wellness outcomes. Your care is about more than just seeing Dr. Graf for checkups. Concierge medical care gives him the time to truly understand your health care needs and offer the most personalized and coordinated care available. A lower patient load means higher dedication to you. 

Concierge medicine plays a pivotal role in improving health and wellness by enabling Dr. Graf to provide more effective health care services than traditional practices. 

Dr. Graf provides premium concierge medical services that provide you with an array of benefits. If you're ready for better health through concierge medicine, reach out to our office on the Upper East Side of New York City at 212-328-6196 to schedule a visit. Our knowledgeable team members are standing by to assist you. 

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